Product AppniqMD - Mobile Radiology Imaging Solution

AppniqMD, one of most advanced medical diagnostic imaging software has the capability to connect multiple IT systems including PACS, VNA and the EMR.

AppniqMD is a state-of-the-art medical imaging product, enabling instant access to diagnostic-grade images and reports conveniently from web browsers and mobile devices.

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    Medical Mobility

    Delivers instant access to patient data and enables on-the-move viewing and diagnosis.
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    Access patient medical images with no downloads which means no risk of data providing unparalleled security.
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    Empower healthcare professionals to make decisions on the basis of real time data at their fingertips.
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    We help increase clinical efficiency and productivity, improving patient care thus maximizing income.

AppniqMD Key Features

AppniqMD facilitate the sharing of images to create a more effective Mobile Medical Image Viewer and Healthcare IT PACS Software. Appniqon offers a spectrum of radiology reporting services to suit individual client’s needs from large NHS trusts to a second opinion on an individual case.

  • Medical Mobility

    Delivers instant access to patient data and quality of life to physicians, enables on-the-move viewing and diagnosis, collaboration with other specialists all from tablets and smartphones.

  • Diagnostic Speed and Security

    Access patient scans in seconds with no downloads which means no risk of data loss, leaving zero foot print and providing unparalleled security. A fully secure solution to protect patient privacy.

  • Cost Savings

    Savings through elimination of expensive and redundant storage systems and viewing patient scans is no longer limited to expensive, costly location-specific workstations, new systems and archives.

  • Connects Multiple IT Systems

    Connects to multiple IT systems including PACS, VNA and the EMR. It integrates with all user profiles across an organization allowing secure access to patient records via one simple interface.

  • Interactive Collaboration

    No other diagnostic medical image viewer offers interactive collaboration. Image sharing with specialists regardless of their location is now possible and second opinion is always a click away.

  • Ease of Access

    Easy access to entire patient history, avoid time-consuming procedures like performing multiple searches and loading studies individually. Launch the application and load the image in seconds.

  • Ease of adoption

    Attuned to physician and healthcare specialist workflows, interactions, collaboration and patient needs. Medical practitioners have the advantage of viewing diagnostic images from anywhere.

  • Key modalities MPR and 3D

    The solution works with key modalities, including CT, MR, CR, DX, ES, KO, MG, NM, OP, OT, PT, SC, US, XA. 3D also enables better communication between doctors and patients even when they are on the move.