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Healthcare CIO’s are handed shrinking capital expenditure and IT related spending budgets nearly every year, and are expected to get more bang for the buck out of their IT infrastructure at the same time. They are also faced with the fact that the vast majority of their existing or legacy PACS systems simply don’t work together, which is known as the ‘non-interoperability’ issue in healthcare leading to operational inefficiencies. They are beginning to look very hard at cloud as an IT solution to save money and manage a rapidly increasing amount of data.

Appniq Cloud medical imaging solution is an enterprise class image and report accessing solution that is truly cloud portable, and one that fully supports any type of gradual or rapid cloud migration strategy. Appniq Cloud Imaging solution does not require the healthcare enterprise to invest in any specific type of PACS, VNA, storage, or IT systems - it simply plugs into existing infrastructure. The solution can be used on one server of a hospital or central diagnostic center, in onsite data center environment, or in outsourced private and managed cloud environments. Appniq is a Cloud PACS based medical image management provider enabling secure access anywhere, anytime on any device.

Appniq Cloud is a fully Cloud Pacs ready solution.


10 Benefits of Appniq CLOUD Imaging Solution:

1. NO Investment on Costly Hardware Workstations.

2. NO Onsite Installation or Setup Required.

3. NO Dedicated Place or Center Required.

4. NO Downloads Required to Diagnose the Images.

5. NO IT Team Required.

6. Reduce on Electricity Consumption.

7. Save Time by Faster Reporting Turnaround Time.

8. Real Time Collaboration with other Specialist for Second Opinion.

9. Increase Productivity and Increase Revenue.

10. Work from Anywhere, Anytime and Any Device.


Diagnose from your Workstation, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Devices.

You work on the core, We manage the rest for you!

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