Appniq - Cloud Medical Imaging Solutions and Services

Appniqon Technologies Private Limited (aka: Appniq) is a Healthcare IT Software Solutions Company. Appniq is an ISO 9001 : 2008 Compliant organization and specializes in Cloud Medical Imaging Solutions and Services. Appniq delivers business-changing healthcare IT web and mobile software products and services to healthcare providers around the globe. Appniq is also DELL Registered Partner.

We are passionate about accelerating Healthcare IT and participating in our client's successes. We believe, true innovation comes from applying technology solutions to real world problems.

Why choose us?

Appniq has extensive knowledge designing and developing interactive Mobile applications. We specialize in cloud imaging solutions and help clients port web applications and contents to work on mobiles.

Healthcare Enterprises of today are driven by mobility, where employees, customers and partners are highly engaged in mobile environments. Mobilize your enterprise to create and collaborate with them.

Appniq is a state-of-the-art medical diagnostic imaging solution, enabling instant access to images and reports conveniently from web browsers and mobile devices. The software is used as an Web DICOM Viewer for viewing on Android, iPhone, iPad, Laptop and desktop computers. It provides powerful capabilities critical to the modern healthcare enterprise. Appniq transforms your web and mobile devices into a medical viewer.

  • Perform


    Appniq can improve the operational efficiency, employee productivity and help increase performance and improve patient care for Healthcare.

  • Mobilize


    Appniq mobile and cloud solutions provide secure access to real-time information and processes data anytime, anywhere and on any device.

  • Access


    Healthcare professionals today have limited time to search and get access to vital information regularly, Appniq provides instant data accessibility.

Appniq Methodology

Appniq high-speed development schedule of agile methodologies works best with automated processes that orchestrate some of the more mechanical development tasks. Our software development stresses rapid iterations, small and frequent releases, and evolving requirements facilitated by direct user involvement in the development process.

  • First step


    Identify High-Level Scope
    Identify initial Requirements Stack
    Identify an Architectural Vision

  • Second step


    User Experience Design (UXD)
    Interaction Design (IxD)
    User Interface (UI)

  • Third step


    Product and Sprint Planning
    Daily Scrum
    Sprint Review and Retrospective

  • Fourth step


    With applications stored and delivered from the cloud, endpoint device is now largely irrelevant